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Dec 18, 2014

This week we talk about some of our favorite TV Dialogue after taking a week off due to illnesses across the board! In the episode we stay contemporary across the board as Tiny brings The Newsroom and True Detective to the table. Mike discusses some of his favorite dialogue from Dexter and Parenthood. Finally, I put up The Shield and House of Cards’ dialogue up for discussion.

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Runtime: 1:16:40

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  • Welcome to the Podcast - 00:28
  • Matt was a guest host on TNYLF - 01:15
  • Introducing the TV Dialogue Topic - 02:12


  • Tiny on The Newsroom - 5:44
  • Mike on Dexter - 18:01
  • Matt on The Shield - 27:53
  • Tangent: Should Mike watch The Shield or Lost? - 36:39
  • Tiny on True Detective - 38:54
  • Mike on Parenthood - 45:24
  • Matt on House of Cards - 51:05


OV Potpourri/TelADVISED UNCENSORED Promo - 57:23


  • Mike on Marvel, Sony and Spider-Man - 57:55
  • Mike on Saving Christmas - 1:00:31
  • Tiny on I Am Santa Claus - 1:04:44
  • Matt on Kramer vs. Kramer - 1:08:12

Show Notes


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