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Aug 8, 2013

“Tiny, Matt and Mike reflect on the movies that impacted their childhood and share the nostalgia they feel when they watch the movies as adults. The guys cover several titles (time stamps below)Also in the episode, Tiny shares his thoughts on Spring Breakers, Mike gives his opinion on the American version of Funny Games and Matt shares a humorous announcement.


Nostalgia Movies: 3 Ninjas – 2:12; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – 9:55;The Blues Brothers – 16:51 House Arrest & Carpool – 19:53; The Mighty Ducks - 26:06; Hook - 32:14; Little Giants - 35:22; The Outsiders - 40:25; Billy Madison - 43:49, Multiplicity, Blank Check & Homeward Bound – 52:40; Man of the House, Mrs. Doubtfire, Bio-Dome – 55:50;

Reviews and Anecdotes: Spring Breakers - 57:39; Funny Games - 1:01:15;Sunshine and Nielsen Survey - 1:05:00

Enjoy. Feedback is very welcome and highly encouraged. You can reach me and Tiny on Twitter @ObsessiveViewer and @ObsessiveTiny. Mike can be found@IAmMikeWhite. You can also find us on Facebook at The Obsessive Viewer