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Mar 26, 2023

In this episode, I welcome my friend Sam Watermeier back to the show to review the latest Scream film, Scream VI and the new Hulu original film, Boston Strangler. We also briefly discuss the Oscars.
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  • Show Start – 00:28
  • News - 11:25
Scream VI
  • Non-Spoiler - 27:12
  • Spoiler - 57:46
Boston Strangler
  • Non-Spoiler - 1:49:35
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Mic Info
  • Matt: ElectroVoice RE20 RØDEcaster Pro II Firmware: 1.1.4 - (Processing: High Pass Filter, DeEsser, Compressor, and Master Compellor enabled), Recorded in the Living Room
  • Sam: Samson Q2U via USB in Google Meet
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