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Feb 12, 2021

OV334 - 2021 Golden Globe Nominees + Interview with The Swerve filmmaker Dean Kapsalis

In this episode, Ben and I share our thoughts on the 2021 Golden Globe nominations and chat with Dean Kapsalis, whose cerebral character-driven psychological thriller The Swerve is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

This week’s stinger comes from our Patreon-exclusive recording: 109 - OV B-Roll - “Teasing Out the Taffy” - Top 5 Favorite Songs, Motion City Soundtrack, Blink 182, The Wallflowers, Band of Horses, Barenaked Ladies, Eagle-Eye Cherry, and Fastball - Jan 28, 2021


  • Show Start - 00:31 
  • 2021 Golden Globe Nominees - 02:42
  • Dean Kapsalis Interview - 54:39 

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