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Nov 15, 2013

Matt, Mike and Tiny introduce a new concept to the show: The Obsessive Viewer Podcast’s Vault. In the vault, we place our most beloved movies, those we feel are in a class by themselves. Each season of the show, we plan on inducting a new movie into the Vault. This season’s offerings are The Godfather, Pulp Fiction and Back to the Future.

Also discussed are HBO’s upcoming crime series True Detective, the latest season of The Walking Dead and the long awaited adaptation to Ender’s Game.


  • Skip Intro – 1:44
  • The Godfather – 9:19
  • Pulp Fiction – 24:04
  • Back to the Future – 39:10
  • Vault Induction Ceremony – 56:11
  • OV Potpourri – 1:03:18 (True Detective, The Walking Dead & Ender’s Game)


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