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Aug 13, 2017

At long last, The Dark Tower was finally released in theaters. Tiny and I saw it together and then I saw it with our friend Tony Troxell from Geeking in Indiana. So we invited Tony on the show to review the movie with us. Not only that, but I also talked to frequent guest Robert Fekkes about the movie and got Mike to submit a Pine Tree Perfume segment. (Note: The Fekkes review and Mike’s Pine Tree Perfume can be found in the next episode.)


The Dark Tower (2017) - 09:38

  • Closing the Ep - 2:02:36
  • Stinger: “Stump a Geek” - 2:06:53
  • Feedback Request (A Dark Tower Podcast?) - 2:09:59
  • Pre-Recorded Outro - 2:12:06 

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