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Jun 27, 2013

“Matt and Tiny discuss the Under the Dome premiere, deconstruct the Apatow method and talk about where their opinions differ from the masses. Tiny also shares how he discovered Star Wars and Matt ponders the changing landscape of TV audiences. SPOILER NOTE: At 13:17 – 14:00 Matt spoils a plot from season 3 of Arrested Development.”

Want to skip ahead to our main topic? We discuss Our Controversial Opinions 15mins, 45secs into the podcast.

You can find us on iTunes now. Just click the iTunes link at the top and subscribe. While you’re there, rate and review us. This episode was the first one Tiny and I handled completely on our own. As a result, the sound quality isn’t quite as good as the first one. I hope it isn’t too distracting. We’re going to buy our own equipment before long so we’ll either have consistently great quality or be consistently subpar. Either way, this was a fun episode to record. We got a chance to share our more controversial movie and TV opinions. There are sure to be some interesting comments about it.

Enjoy. Feedback is very welcome and highly encouraged. You can reach me and Tiny on Twitter @ObsessiveViewer and @ObsessiveTiny. You can also find us on Facebook at The Obsessive Viewer. Contact us in the comments here or send us an email using the form below.