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Jun 25, 2015

This week Tiny and I celebrate the two-year anniversary of the podcast with a discussion about our favorite “second seasons” of TV. We talk about The Office, The Wire, Lost, Breaking Bad and more. In lieu of potpourri, we reminisce on our 2nd year as podcasters.

In the episode, I incorrectly name October 5th as Back to the Future Day. It’s October 21st. I’m ashamed and deserve to have my car covered in manure. 

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Runtime: 1:36:09


Direct Download Link:




Show Start - 0:35

Hulu’s New Deal with Showtime - 2:14

TV Second Seasons - 6:05


Matt on The Office (U.S.) - 7:38

Tiny on The Wire - 16:04

Matt on Arrested Development - 26:23

Tiny on Lost - 31:05

Matt on Prison Break - 40:29

Tiny on Breaking Bad - 50:57

Matt on Wings - 56:17


A Couple of Bad Second Seasons - 1:03:16


Celebrating 2 Years of Podcasting


Two Years! - 1:10:24

Shocktober in Irvington - 1:12:00

Standouts from Year 2 - 1:14:15

Matt’s Personal Life - 1:23:18

Year 2 Regrets - 1:28:34


Stinger - 1:34:01

Pre-Recorded Outro - 1:34:21


Show Notes


IndyPopCon - Come see us at Indy Pop Con!

Hulu and Showtime’s Deal - Here’s an article explaining Hulu’s new deal with Showtime.

The Wire Complete Series Blu-ray set - Seriously, buy this set. - Shocktober in Irvington 2 is coming October 16th, 2015!


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The Secular Perspective - Check out Tiny’s side project podcast that explores the concepts of faith, religion and existence from the perspective of secular hosts.

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