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Aug 22, 2013

TinyMatt and Mike discuss Neill Blomkamp‘s Elysium. Beware: There are some vague to heavy spoilers sprinkled in here and there. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, feel free to skip ahead to the other segment using the time stamps below.

After the review, the guys take a cue from Slightly Sauced and lend their expertise to an eclectic group of questions culled from the depths of Yahoo! Answers. Covering such topics as Harry Potter title changes, who is the ultimate Spider-Man and what to do when a movie scares you.

Special thanks to Slightly Sauced for the inspiration!” 


  • 1:37 - Elysium
  • 38:20 – I Am Legend
  • 46:00 – Yahoo! Answers
  • 1:11:13 – Looking Ahead & Recently Watched 

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